Ethics and Values in Everyday Life is a Halacha curriculum for Middle School students, created in collaboration with Yeshivah of Flatbush. It includes a rigorous text-based approach providing students an understanding of the Halachic process of psak through applying the sources to everyday scenarios.

This project addresses several topics relating to the day to day life of a Middle School student including Damaging a Person or his Property, Guarding a Person or his Property, Revealing Secrets and Spreading Information, Speaking Truth and Avoiding Falsehood, and Misleading and Deceiving. The real life scenarios drive and motivate the students to delve into the sources, studying and analyzing them. The sources are color-coded by time period, helping the students trace the halachic process from the psukim to contemporary poskim. As students apply the sources to the specific cases, they are able to understand the work of a posek (decisor of Jewish law) and appreciate the important role that our Rabbis play in halacha.

It comes in a simple Hebrew version with some translation and an English version. 

Target Age: Grades 6-8. 

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