Inspire Your Seder Night
with Rav Rimon

Founder of Sulamot

Followed by Live Q&A!

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Sunday, April 5th
11am PST
2pm EST
9pm Israel


Whether you’ll be spending it alone or with your family, this year’s Seder will be very different. 

Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon, author of “The Pesach Haggadah” and “The Seder Night” will help you transform this year’s Seder into a memorable eve. Renowned decisor of Halakha and master educator, Rav Rimon will offer meaningful insights into the Haggadah and practical advice for conducting an uplifting Seder.

On Sunday, 11 Nissan, April 5th, at 2PM EST; 11AM PST,

Rav Rimon will deliver a live shiur in preparation for the Seder Night.

The Rav will answer questions posed during the course of the shiur.

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