Halacha MiMekora Series

Fusing serious Jewish learning with inspiration

Torah study is the foundation of Jewish tradition and what links the Jewish people to its roots.

Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon’s revolutionary approach to teaching Halacha has changed the way Jews of all ages engage with Jewish texts. Through his Halacha MiMekora book series, Rav Rimon has become known worldwide for developing an approach to mapping out Jewish texts from the earliest sources to contemporary application, using vivid graphic design and eye-opening charts in a manner that is clear, exciting, and inspiring.

Sulamot is dedicated to publishing these innovative works that bring ancient Jewish texts to life, effecting  a paradigm shift in Jewish learning and Jewish living.

In honor of Rav Rimon’s 50th birthday, we have launched the Jubilee Library, an initiative to ensure that his books continue to be published on all topics of Jewish Law in Hebrew and English, and his groundbreaking educational legacy continues.

Contact us to support the Jubilee Library and partner in the completion of this important project.