Sulamot has identified a troubling situation in the Jewish community of Latin America: 

With a 90% assimilation rate, lack of Jewish communal life resources, and scarcity of Judaic studies texts in Spanish, Jewish life in Latin America is in danger of disappearing completely.

Centro Kehila is our answer to the Latin American community’s call for help. It is a movement that unites its community leaders and educators, providing the first formal support network that brings them together as a cohesive unit to collaborate and discuss the educational and religious challenges unique to their students and congregants.  

To date, 23 leaders from 6 countries participate daily in our virtual support network, with representatives hailing from Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, and Costa Rica.

Centro Kehila is also placing quality educational materials in their community schools, with curricula and programming that have been developed in Spanish. Jews of all backgrounds and ages are for the first time ever connecting to their Jewish roots and engaging with their texts in a format that has been tailor made to their own cultural experience.

Sulamot’s Centro Kehila network is changing the face of Latin American Jewish education, unifying a once-disjointed cluster of communities through the cornerstone of Jewish life – Jewish learning.