Vacations are the most challenging times for families who want to instill their children with a love of learning. But should vacation mean a disconnect from quality content and Jewish engagement?


Sulamot created Ratzim LaMishna, summer-long Mishna learning challenge for children. Through a series of fun high-quality videos, 5-10 minutes long, children complete over vacation a one-of-a-kind learning adventure while learning Sulamot’s unique Mishna methodology. It incorporates engaging video content that encourages experiential learning beyond the video viewing; accompanying print materials that are attractive and fun; and an end-of-summer mega event celebrating participants’ learning achievements. Ratzim LaMishna has captured the hearts of children who can’t wait for next vacation’s Mishna challenge.


Parents and children alike have shared that Ratzim LaMishna has helped them fall in love with Mishna study. “Mishna time” is no longer a subject that remains in the classroom; it has become something kids choose to do on their own time; with friends, siblings, parents and grandparents.


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