Mastering COMDaT is an innovative skills-based two year Mishna curriculum geared towards Upper Elementary and Middle School students. Sulamot’s unique methodology, COMDaT, allows students to build and develop independent study skills, learn new concepts, and apply them to Jewish studies, Jewish life, and Jewish living. 

COMDaT is a system that divides each statement of the Mishna into systematized categories, provides students with the terms and concepts needed to break down the Mishna, and facilitates student comprehension of the law/matter at hand and the logical reasoning behind contradicting opinions in Jewish law. The curriculum is based on a digital platform, Class-E, which is user-friendly and enhances the learning experience. Color-coded charts and auxiliary educational videos make Mishna study accessible and meaningful.

This program has been receiving high acclaim from students and educators alike including Hebrew Academy of Miami (RASG), North Shore Hebrew Academy, NY, and Bi Cultural Hebrew Academy, CT.

Target Age: Grades 4-7

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Sulamot was founded in 2008 by Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon to revolutionize Jewish education, transforming it into an accessible, inspiring, and empowering experience for children and adults.  Today, Sulamot aids communities around the world advance Jewish education by tailoring curricula to their needs and infusing it with cutting edge educational technology.