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Seder Night – Halacha MiMekora

The book, “The Seder Night – Kinor David”, delineates in a comprehensive and orderly fashion the numerous Halachot pertaining to the Seder night, and details the laws that are the basis of the many “simanim”, or signs, designated for the Seder protocol. In addition, the book includes discussions of the spiritual and practical principles at the foundations of the festival of freedom. This is a stand-alone volume, yet it also serves as an extension of the book, “The Pesach Haggadah – Shirat Miriam”.


 The Halacha MiMekora Series presents diverse Halachic works that provide practical knowledge, together with a deep understanding of the foundations of the laws and the reasoning behind them. The reader is taken from the sources in the Torah, the Mishna and the Talmud all the way to Poskim (adjudicators of Jewish Law) of our generation. The books are written in a clear and orderly fashion, and are accompanied by tables, charts, pictures and graphics, as well as a summary of the practical Halachic application. The books are geared for anyone who desires to know the Halacha and understand its sources, and are suitable for the layman as well as the Torah scholar.




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