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Shabbat -halacha Mimekora USA

“Shabbat” (Volumes 1 & 2), deals with the topics related to 11 of the Melachot of Shabbat (categories of labor/activities forbidden on Shabbat) – from the Melacha of Sowing to the Melacha of Cooking. The didactic methodology of “Halacha MiMekora” takes the reader from the sources in the Torah, Mishna, Gemara, Rishonim and Acharonim to the Poskim of our generation, and from the foundations of the Laws to current, practical questions.

The book covers relevant questions in our times regarding the Halachot of Shabbat, such as: using a boiler and electric urn on Shabbat, preparing hot cereal for a baby, cutting salad, preparing tahini and more. This work is comprised of two volumes (sold only as a set). The first volume includes an introduction to the Laws of Shabbat, the reasons and rationale for Shabbat, a synopsis of the Halachot discussed in the book, and the Melacha of Cooking. The second volumes covers the Melachot, from Sowing to Kneading.

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The Halacha MiMekora Series presents diverse Halachic works that provide practical knowledge, together with a deep understanding of the foundations of the laws and the reasoning behind them. The reader is taken from the sources in the Torah, the Mishna and the Talmud all the way to Poskim (adjudicators of Jewish Law) of our generation. The books are written in a clear and orderly fashion, and are accompanied by tables, charts, pictures and graphics, as well as a summary of the practical Halachic application. The books are geared for anyone who desires to know the Halacha and understand its sources, and are suitable for the layman as well as the Torah scholar.

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