Ratzim LaMishna is a series of enlightening and entertaining videos (Hebrew with English subtitles) on מסכת ברכות פרקים א,ד,ט with follow-up thoughtful questions on our Class-E digital platform. The plot follows a group of campers at a Mishna-oriented summer camp who are hounded by the Minister of Forgetfulness who challenges them throughout the story. Alongside the plot, the viewers study the Mishna together with Rav Rimon and answer the mishnaic riddles. After each 15 minute video, viewers answer 4-5 questions that deepen their understanding and facilitate discussion with their peers. This is an ideal tool for enrichment or summer learning. Alternatively, teachers can selectively use the videos for flipped classroom assignments to prepare students for class.

Target Age: Grades 3 & up

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This program is provided free of charge.

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