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Friends of the Rav Rimon Library

Perpetuate the legacy of Torah,
Strengthen Jewish communities worldwide,
Take part in impacting contemporary Jewish life.

The Rav Rimon Library is entirely dependent upon the partnership of
Rav Rimon’s dear friends and partners.

In January 2018, in honor of Rav Rimon’s 50th birthday, Sulamot launched “The Rav Rimon Jubilee Library Campaign” in order to promote the continuation and completion of his magnum opus –

The Halacha MiMekora Series.

Thanks to our many dear friends and benefactors, we continue to publish Rav Rimon’s prolofic Halachic works, covering a gamut of subjects in Hebrew and English.

Become a Member

An annual commitment towards “Friends of the Rav Rimon Library” serves as a crucial foundation for ensuring the future growth and stability of Rav Rimon’s publications in the coming years.

As official Friends of the Rav Rimon Library, your name will appear in the given category of giving which you and your family choose and be printed in each book published during the year of membership.

Your annual sponsorship of the Rav Rimon Library will enable future publications to reach thousands of Jews across the globe.

Reach out to our resource development department: Inbar@sulamot.org

The Rav Rimon Jubilee Library

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