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ClassE Tech

Class-E is a platform developed by Sulamot designed to create interactive, online educational content and to experientially transmit it to students in the classroom. The purpose of the platform is to deliver educational content in an interesting, deep and challenging way to every student, at any place and any time. With the help of Class-E, it is possible to teach varied content and to give them expression in different teaching modes and tools. In this way, it is possible to adapt for each student the best possible learning mode that best suits him.

Class-E originated within Sulamot, due to the need to teach Jewish identity content to students abroad, and then transformed into a platform used to create contents for all the subjects taught in schools today.

Class-E is currently participating in a pilot of the Ministry of Education, upon which the matriculations in Literature rely. This platform will also be used to test Fifth Graders throughout the country in national science tests.

Class-E is currently an international company based in Israel. Our vision is to realize the potential of teachers and students, utilizing digital tools. The company believes that education in the 21st century necessitates inculcating skills and tools – in addition to knowledge – and towards this goal, built an advanced platform for online learning, developed by educational and pedagogical experts.

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