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Resources in Spanish & French

For Spanish speaking schools:

The Spanish language division of Sulamot is called “Centro Kehilla”. We set a goal of connecting the leaders of communities throughout Latin America, thus leading the way to connecting entire communities. We seek to create a community of community leaders, in which their common, central values are: mutual responsibility, caring for all of the communities and strengthening Jewish life.

In fact, “Centro Kehilla” has evolved into a movement that creates and unites the communities of Latin America into one extended community. We have succeeded in providing them valuable tools for maintaining and developing their Jewish communities and serving as a professional body whose goal is to reinforce Jewish education and communal life of Latin American Jewry. We utilize varied technological and methodological means to assist community leaders in every possible way in their daily operations.

Professional Development for Spanish speaking teachers are available through Sulamot’s Centro-kehila website.


Sulamot also strives to demonstrate the inexorable link between Torah and daily life in France, and for French-speakers in general, with children and youth at center stage. Our textbook series, “Halachot Behirot” and “Mishnayot Behirot”, for elementary school through high school is indeed clear, understandable, and pleasant. Children receive tools for understanding and “feeling at home” with the language of the Mishna and the Oral Law, as well as to sense the deep connection between Torah and our everyday lives – whether regarding laws of “shomer” (guard) or “shoel” (borrower), Hilchot Shabbat or “Kibbud Av va’Em” (honoring parents).

 The workbooks on subjects such as Bar/Bat Mitzvah, behavior among boys and girls, laws of “lashon hara” (slander, gossip) and much more, deal with central issues important to our youth in a deep, sensitive and insightful way. We also offer educational series with subtitles in French and original videos that round out a unique “toolbox” for the instruction of Halacha, Mishna and Emunah.

The clear methodology, the
interactive approach and the unwavering commitment to relevance and excellence transform the study of Torah into a joyful, uplifting experience for all ages.

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